Stainless Steel Ladder Sanitation

Stainless Steel Ladder Sanitation


How do I keep my stainless steel spotless?

Stainless steel has a reputation for boasting a sleek exterior that hardly ever rusts or corrodes. This has made the famed material a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom fixtures around the world.

Although resistant to water, stainless steel is vulnerable to a few additional elements – dirt, dust, and grime. That is, if your stainless steel product isn’t regularly cleaned.

Here are a few stainless steel cleaning options that will keep your library ladder, wine cellar ladder, or closet ladders smooth and spotless.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

There are material-specific cleaners and polishes on the market that can eliminate smudges and hinder scratches. It’s important to read the directions before applying and spraying a small amount in an unnoticeable area to make sure it works. Don’t forget to dry thoroughly. It’d be a shame to slip off your fancy sliding ladder because you forgot to completely dry it after a wipe.

Dishwashing Soap and a Rag

On tougher jobs, a dollop of dishwashing soap, some hot water, and a rag can do a professional job. This combination will get the job done without harming the steel. Soap up your cloth with the dishwashing liquid and apply to the dirty zone. Once the crud is removed, rinse the area with hot water and once again, dry thoroughly. This is to thwart stains and watermarks.

Glass Cleaning Agents

This approach usually details an excess of fingerprints – stainless steel’s arch enemy. Common household ammonia also works but glass cleaner is the preferred route. For this method, use a microfiber towel. Once again, spray directly on the towel. It is possible to spray directly on the surface but you run the risk of drip stains. Wipe in gentle circles and watch the prints disappear. Rinse and towel dry completely again.
Fingerprints can now be avoided with finishes that resist fingerprints, so if your rolling bookcase ladder is getting a lot of use, this is a smart alternative you may want to consider.


Water and a Towel

The simplest option, water and a cloth, often times do wonders. It’s also the method with the least risk because you’ll avoid having to use chemicals. Take a close look at your product, if you have a wine cellar ladder and you notice the polish lines are vertical, wipe in that direction with a microfiber towel.

These are the solutions to maintaining that modern stainless steel finish. Coupled with delicate care and regular upkeep, you can have your items looking brand new for years. This is important because stainless steel is a solid choice for contemporary interior décor. Many people choose to add stainless steel lamps, art pieces, even ladders to the appropriate room in an effort to boosts its wow-factor.




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