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Avoid these Unsafe Solutions with a Stainless Steel Rolling Ladder

So you have a tall closet – that’s awesome! A great, big closet is a unique feature for a home, offering a generous amount of storage space in a pleasant fashion.

Although interesting, a closet with excessively hard to reach places does provide an element of hazard. Top shelf retrieval is tough, so people tend to employ these suspicious methods. However, these techniques are tricky, and should be avoided.

The Old Step Stool

Just about every family in the United States has one, and just about every family has lost their balance and tumbled off of one too. They are unofficially family heirlooms, getting passed down from parent to child. However, a stool’s inability to offer support serves to spoil its importance within the family tree.

Hanger Retriever

Popular at large retail stores, these long poles with curved ends allow employees to take hold of hanger items from unnecessarily high display sections. Every now and then, one will show up in a home with a tall closet. It’s effective, but if your top shelf items are unfortunately hanger disabled – you’re out of luck.

Pull-down Rod

This contraption has good intentions but is exceedingly complex. It involves a locked in pole which holds hangers that can be pulled down for better access from high places. It has many interlocking parts, making installation and part distinction difficult. Longevity is also an issue, the device is bracketed which could succumb to pressure over time.

Climbing the Shelves

Perhaps the most common, and dangerous, route, especially for children, is the classic climbing of the shelves. If there is no way to get to the top, a child – usually lacking patience – will climb. There are countless family stories of children who have excitedly scaled shelves only to fall in a hilarious, yet serious, manner.

These systems are undesirable, yet the fact remains, you still need access to your top shelf. Modern Stainless Ladders offer a viable option that is both safe and effective. Specializing in the design and manufacture of stainless steel ladder systems for closets, wine cellars, and libraries; we provide the sorely needed access you need.

So go ahead and get rid of that old stool, leave the contraptions at the store, and stop your children from endangering themselves. We at, Modern Stainless Ladders, can help.

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