The Safe Use of Rolling Library Ladders


Climb your Home Ladder, Risk Free

Installing a rolling ladder in your home or local library is a great way to both maximize space and add character. Although they offer much in regards to function and aesthetics, there is still an element of responsibility that accompanies the purchase of a rolling ladder.

A ladder is very much tool, and not a toy. Here are some things to consider when climbing a rolling ladder, to promote safe use.

Correct Angle

Before you set foot on a ladder, make sure the angle is the right one (pun intended). Yes, creating a 90 degree angle with the ladder, wall, and floor is means of ensuring a hazard-free climbing experience.

Security Check

Now you’re ready to climb? Not quite! Check the base of the ladder, are the wheels secured well? Check to see if they are wobbling or loose and make sure that they are lubed and rolling uninhibited. A smooth roll will help you to keep balance.

Next, go under the ladder and look up. It’s time to inspect the ladder and rail connection. Put both hands on the ladder’s side and apply weight. Is it holding up? Has the connection remained secure? Give the ladder a few more rolls and notice how the rail components are functioning.

The Ascent

Believe it or not, there is a secure way to climb a ladder. Latch onto the rungs, using a hand-over-hand method. Do not reach for a higher rung, until lower hand has a strong grip. This is contrary to sliding both hands up the side rails as you step, which does not offer much stability the higher you climb.

Floor Obstructions

Even if the ladder is setup in the correct angle formation, you still run the risk of tipping from side to side. Before you scale, inspect the wheel path. There may be debris strewn across the floor, preventing a safe and complete roll.


Its beneficial to wear shoes when using your ladder. Bare feet, sandals, or high heels do not cut it. A flat, sturdy sole insures a more reliable passage, offering support when carrying precious items up or down.

We, at Specialty Doors, understand the effect that a rolling library ladder has in regards to space optimization and visual pleasure. That’s why our stainless steel ladders are built with a great combination of robust strength and modern style, made to last for a long time.

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