3 Great Ways to Customize Your Rolling Library Ladder

Rolling Library LadderInstalling a rolling library ladder is a great way to get more out of your design and more out of your space at the same time. These stylish ladders are all the rage in high-end design, providing a lot of great uses and installations in and around the home. Rolling ladders go great in the kitchen, as well as in the home office, a wine cellar, and even in your pantry if you have a walk-in style space. There is no shortage of ways to incorporate a library ladder into your home design.

While there is a lot to love about rolling ladders, the customization options are definitely something to make note of. Not only do you have the chance to pick from a variety of high end styles and designs, but you can customize all kinds of details to ensure that your ladder fits perfectly into your home. Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired with your rolling ladders and create the perfect custom look:


  1. Customize the accessories and hardware that your rolling library ladder features. From the stoppers that offer safe operation to handles and other hardware, you can choose the exact style of library ladder hardware that you want to create a look that’s totally unique.
  2. Many models allow you to customize the finish or style of the steps on library ladders. You will find faux and actual wood finishes, painted styles, and other steps that you can add to your ladder for the perfect look.
  3. You can actually customize the exact height of rolling ladders. While a traditional 8-10 foot height is effective enough, a lot of people choose to install miniature library ladders or bigger ladder models to make a different statement. Think outside the box and get creative with your installation to get more.

No matter where or how you install a rolling library ladder, it should be easy for you to show off your style with the customization options that are available. Take the time to explore sites like Houzz and Pinterest to get inspiration and see how others are making the most of library ladders in designs, and take as much as you want from them to create your own design.

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