The Difference Between Rolling Ladders and Library Ladders

library laddersA lot of people assume that rolling ladders and library ladders are the same thing. While the terms are interchangeable when referring to the modern rolling library ladder, there is another common ladder out there that is often discussed when you hear “rolling ladder”. This type of ladder is entirely different than the modern library ladder, so you need to be careful about what you’re searching for and make sure that you get the right ladder for your renovation.

Rolling ladders is a term that often refers to the big staircase-style ladders used at home improvement stores and distribution warehouses. While these ladders are effective for stocking, picking, and other needs, they are also bulky. They might prove to offer a safer solution for employees than an actual ladder, but when it comes to style they have nothing to compare.

If you are renovating a space and you want a high-end upgrade that provides access to vertical storage space, you’re much better off using a rolling library ladder. Not only will this ladder provide the same durable, high quality materials but it will add a more aesthetically pleasing look to the space. Plus, it takes up a lot less room than a bulky stairset. Library ladders save space, show off your design, and give you the look that you want with ease.

Another big benefit of the modern library ladder is that it can be used with stylish matching library ladder hardware, which comes in many different styles and finishes. Every single ladder can be customized to create a totally unique look, regardless of what you have in mind. Make sure that you take the time to explore all of the different styles and options that you have to choose from so that you can get the most out of your investment.

The Many Benefits of Library Ladders in Modern Design

For residential and commercial design alike, modern rolling ladders get the job done. These focal point pieces are able to be customized to almost any style and design necessary, You can create a rustic, charming ladder for a bookstore renovation or even a modern, chic ladder for that high-end kitchen design that you’re working on. All of this can come from the same models, with just a little tweaking.

If you look around online, you’ll have no trouble figuring out the benefits of library ladders. They offer so much more style with a space-saving design, and are made from heavy-duty materials that will stand the test of time. They also include safety features like stoppers that prevent movement while in use and handrails. Plus, you can customize each of these accessories as you like to create your perfect design.

There is a time and place for the old-style rolling ladders that distribution centers and big-box stores love, but it’s not in any kind of design aesthetic. These are functional beasts, and they aren’t meant to look good by any means. If you are interested in a design that’s actually appealing and still provides the function that you need, you’re probably actually looking for modern rolling ladders, which are also known as library ladders. They come with tracks and hardware for complete installation, and can fit into any space where you can find a need. Each ladder is custom-built to your specifications, too, which means you can get the exact height that you need, no more or no less.

Before you dive in and get the wrong idea about rolling ladders, make sure that you’re looking for the right ones for the job. It should be simple for you to find everything that you want, and you’re sure to love it in any space.

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