The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Library Ladders

Library ladders were first debuted during the Victorian Era. These stately furnishings were designed to show off status of the wealthy and also to provide access to the high, stately bookshelves of the period.

Today, the modern rolling ladder has a lot to offer in terms of style but it has come a long ay since its first debut in the 17th century. A rolling library ladder is made of high-quality aluminum and each ladder is custom made to order. There are many different models that you can choose from and it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find everything that you need.

Library Ladders: Styles

Rolling ladders are available in many different styles and designs. From modern to rustic, there is something for just about everyone to choose from. The models available from leading brands are the ones that you should focus on for your own renovations.

The great thing is that your ladder is versatile enough to fit into different styles and designs depending on how you use it and what you pair it with.


Modern Stainless Ladder by Specialty Doors

Modern Stainless Ladder by Specialty Doors

Library Ladders: Customization

Every rolling library ladder that is purchased is custom-built to the specifications of the customer. The accessories, additional features, and even the existing features can be customized to your needs. This includes changing the style and/or color of the steps, as well as adding accessories or changing the way that the ladder looks overall.

Even the height of rolling ladders can be customized, making them great for kids’ rooms and other spaces where the “typical” height might not be required or desired. What’s not to love about a custom design?

Library Ladders: Installation

Library ladders come with custom library ladder hardware, giving you the chance to create the perfect finished look and to get the best installation. There are traditional and curved tracks, along with different styles of hooks and wheels for moving the ladders around the room. Professional installation by trained, experienced ladder specialists will complete the look and give you a new feature that you are sure to love.

There is a lot of assistance out there to help you choose and customize your own rolling ladders, so be sure to take advantage of that in your renovation.

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