Who Needs Stairs? Library Ladders in Modern Design

Stairs are the answer to different levels of a building. They connect the floors of the home or

business, and while they can look nice, they ultimately serve a purpose. There are some areas,

of course, where you might be able to get rid of those simple, space-hogging stairs and choose

a different feature to get people up (or down) to where they need to be.

Rolling ladders are the solution that everyone has been looking for. The rolling library ladder is

no longer just for libraries, and with many modern designs to choose from, they can fit into any

space. If you’re building a loft, for example, in a small vacation home, you might not want to

waste space by putting in a full stair set. Instead, you can install a custom library ladder that will

not only provide the access that you need but will look good doing it, too.

Ladders are Flexible, Space-Saving

You might be thinking: why library ladders? The best answer is: why not? Rolling ladders are

flexible because they can be moved around and put out of the way when they aren’t in use.

They can be custom built to the exact height that is needed, with customized steps, added

accessories, and secure weight-based stoppers on the bottom. These ladders look as good in

the kitchen as they do in a kids’ room, and can provide access to higher spaces when you want

something permanent, but not obtrusive.

Vertical space is often left unnoticed in the home. If it can’t be reached, it can’t be used. With

rolling ladders, you can utilize every inch of your square footage and show off a stylish design at

the same time.

Ladders are made from high quality stainless steel, custom built to order, and designed to

withstand years of use. Plus, they look great and provide people with a function that they might

not be able to get from other stairs or ladders.


Imagine High-End Home Life

Homeowners love the high-end look without the high prices, which is why the rolling library

ladder is becoming so popular. Even modern bars and restaurants are installing library ladders

(for function and for looks) to show off their style. Whether you’re a homeowner or a designer,

that high-end look is always in and it’s always going to make a design look better.

Now, if only you could afford the elevator, maid service, and personal Tinkerbell or Genie to

make all of your dreams come true, you would truly be living in some form of heaven. Currently,

though, you’re going to need to focus on the library ladders that you want to install in your home

so that you can choose the best ones for the job.

Imagine never having to haul out a step stool or stepladder again. Imagine reducing the risk of

falls that comes with standing on a chair or on the counters to reach higher spaces. All of these

things come with a rolling library ladder, and so does the latest style in home design. Whether

they are for function or fashion (or both), ladders are a great design feature to replace the

average boring stairs or step ladders that clutter up the average home or business.

A New Name for a New Era?

Library ladders are still what they are, but more often they’re being referred to as rolling ladders

or a rolling library ladder. They are rarely found in libraries anymore, or at least not in a

fashionable sense. They serve a purpose in libraries and offices with high bookshelves, but they

weren’t designed to look at.

Today’s rolling ladders, however, are all about style. Anyone can show off their space with a

cool feature like a rolling library ladder. Check them out on Houzz and Pinterest, and you’ll be

ready to ditch the stairs in no time.

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