6 Ways to Raise the Value of Your Home

Looking for ways to improve the property value of your home? As we all know, our houses are

depreciating day-by-day, which means if we want to maintain their value, we have to make

upgrades and improvements. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just want to make it

more comfortable to reside in, you’ll find these home improvement ideas to be inspirational.

Purchase a Grand Bookcase

High end ladders

The addition of a bookcase and a modern library ladder makes a stunning impact on your home

If your home doesn’t have a library, you can easily add one by purchasing a large bookcase.

Or if you’re handy, you can build one along a wall yourself. Ideally, you want the bookcase to

reach to the ceiling, allowing for a larger selection of books, magazines, DVDs and other

mediums worth collecting. To provide functionality to this room, you can include a modern

library ladder. This can be used to reach to the heights of the bookcase safely. These come

with features that make them quite safe for climbing and maneuvering about the room.

Build a Wall of Cabinets in the Kitchen

Kitchen space isn’t always readily available, especially in smaller homes. But this doesn’t

mean that you’re stuck with a small kitchen. Neither does it mean knocking down walls to

create space. A great alternative is to use the vertical space you have by hanging shelves

along the walls. If you have soaring ceilings, not to worry. You can use a rolling ladder to get

to the top with no problem. Modern library ladders can also add great appeal to the kitchen

space. Consider getting a ladder with a telescoping mechanism, which will allow it to be

placed vertically for extra space saving.

Install Shelves and Cubbies in the Master Closet

Storage is a big deal to home buyers, so one of the first areas they will check out are the

closets. If your closet lacks space, you can make up for it vertically by installing cubby holes

and/or shelves. This will allow storage for shoes, pocketbooks, accessories and additional

clothes. A rolling library ladder kit can also be used to install a library ladder. This will help you

get to the top with ease. These ladder systems can be customized to be short or very tall, so

if you’re worried about it being too tall, don’t be!

Add a Wine Rack to Your Design

If you have space in your kitchen or dining room, build a beautiful wine rack. Or if you have a

wine cellar already, add emphasis to it by implementing a modern library ladder. These racks

can sometimes be tall, requiring the need of a ladder or footstool. However a modern ladder

can be the more tasteful option. Some people are avid wine drinkers and collectors, so this

would really stand out to home buyers that enjoy a nice glass here and there.

Build a Loft Over the Living Room or Den

Lofts are still very popular, especially in urban areas. However, we’re still seeing them being

implemented throughout suburban and even rural-style homes. If you want additional space

for sleeping or just relaxing, a loft would make the perfect addition. To reach the loft, you can

use a beautiful rolling ladder that’s made of wood or stainless steel. If you want an industrial

vibe, then the latter would be the option to go with.

With these design ideas, you can spruce up your home to accommodate your family and

potential home buyers in the future. You can find a great selection of modern library ladders,

along with rolling library ladder kits at ModernStainlessLadders.com!

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