Celebrity Spotlight: Library Ladders in Hollywood Homes

Kim and Kanye are a hot topic on a regular basis, but you probably never expected to hear

about them in the home design category. Designers with Details Organizing usually keep their

high-profile clients secret, as discretion is one of the biggest things celebs look for when

choosing professional services. This one time, however, they were able to discuss how the

revamped a massive dressing room and closet at the Kardashian-West household.

In a June 2015 issue of Variety, designers Mary Astadourian and Jennifer Dynof discussed the

details of how they gave Kim and Kanye a closet that even the biggest clothes addict would

appreciate, complete with a modern library ladder to access the high storage spaces above the

hanging racks. They also offered a similar renovation to Charles Shyer, Oscar-winning

producer/director of films like “Father of the Bride” and “Private Benjamin”. The renovation

inspired Shyer to reorganize and redecorate his entire home.

Tangens 2015

Modern Stainless Ladders by Specialty Doors makes a fantastic, useful, beautiful addition to large closets and home decor.

The great thing about a rolling library ladder is that it is versatile. It offers a flexible space-saving

option for accessing hard-to-reach areas, and adds a great design feature, as well. This is why

designers like the ladies from Details Organizing love them, and why they are becoming such a

hot trend in high-end design.

Other Celebrities with Library Ladders

Celebrity designer Genevieve Gorder loves library ladders, too, and has many designs featured

on HGTV’s website and other design blogs that include stunning library ladders with stylish

library ladder hardware to add that extra accent of uniqueness. There are just as many

designers and celebrities that love the concept offered by rolling ladders as there are custom

built ladders and library ladder hardware solutions.

Hollywood is a great trendsetter for a lot of design concepts, and the modern library ladder is

one of them. While it’s difficult to get the dirt on which celebrities are cashing in on these trendy

designs, you can trust that anyone who wants a modern, sleek look is going to at least consider

incorporating a modern library ladder. With plenty of custom designs in all price ranges, rolling

ladders are perfect for any home, from the Hollywood Hills to small-town USA.

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