Which Library Ladder is Right for My Home?


Decorating is like a puzzle – it’s about piecing together different elements of a room to create an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Finding the perfect furniture for a particular room you’re decorating is no different. Modern library ladders are an elegant way to enhance a space. However, choosing the ideal rolling ladder isn’t always simple. There are a variety of sliding library ladders to choose from, which is great news if you’re looking for something in particular. Each rolling ladder comes with its own unique aspects that make it worthy of purchase. Let’s explore these aspects in greater detail.

Modern library ladders come in a multitude of different design styles that are customizable to fit any space or decor

Modern library ladders come in a multitude of different design styles that are customizable to fit any space or decor


This is, of course, the most obvious consideration when choosing any piece of furniture, including sliding library ladders. These are the three general styles of sliding library ladders:

  • Straight: This is one of the most commonly purchased modern library ladders. It is just as it sounds, straight up and down. It’s typically used for scaling a wall or cabinetry, such as what you’d find in a kitchen or study.
  • Bent: This has a slight variation in the design. There is a bend midway up the ladder, making it ideal for working around obstructions, like a radiator cover or counter top. This can be customized to be used in your home without worry of obstructions.
  • Loft: This can be used in modern and contemporary homes that sport a loft. This style of ladder has extended side rails at the top, making it easier to access a loft.


The material a piece of furniture is made of is just as important as its style. In many cases, the material can be a deal breaker or deal maker. Just think of a person who dislikes leather. A couch can have the most alluring design ever, but since it’s made of leather, it’s a no-go. The same goes for rolling ladders. Some people have their particulars.

You have the option of choosing between the traditional wooden sliding library ladder or a metal rolling ladder. Which you choose will be determined by the vibe you’re going for and the design of the room it will be placed in. Wooden ladders tend to have a Victorian-era appeal and flat steps. There are various wood types to choose from, including cherry, birch, white oak, red oak, walnut and mahogany. Opt to leave them unfinished or have them stained. A coat of clear finish would also suffice. Some people even choose to paint them.

Metal ladders are ideal for those who want more of a modern appeal. They are excellent for streamlined spaces. Metal can easily be implemented into a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and other modern components.

Mounting Style

There are two ways modern library ladders are designed – either with a J-style hook at the top to allow for manual removal and placement onto the track or a rolling mechanism that is permanently attached to the railing.

Choosing between these two should be simple enough. If you have railings throughout a room, on either side, then a ladder with the J-Style hook functionality would be ideal. If there’s only one location you need to operate the ladder, then the rolling mechanism would be suitable. If you decide to go with the hook ladders, make sure to take into consideration its weight, height and whether there are any obstructions, such as light fixtures or other objects that can interfere with the ladder’s functionality.

Modern library ladders are the perfect puzzle piece for a home’s décor. See if you can find just the right place for one in your kitchen, living area, study or bedroom!

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