8 Ways Library Ladders Can “Uplift” Your Rooms


Sliding library ladders aren’t just for libraries. They crossed this barrier long ago and can now be found in various rooms of a home. Today, rolling library ladders are inside of kitchens, living areas and bedrooms. They add a mix of sophistication and functionality to any space they’re installed in!

modern rolling library ladder in the home

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Here is a list of different ways a sliding library ladder can spruce up the rooms in your home:

The Bathroom

Every bathroom requires sufficient storage space for towels and toiletries. What better way to accommodate this than by hanging more cabinets and shelves on the walls? A sliding library ladder can then be installed for improved functionality. This is an excellent way to spruce up your bathroom design as well. You have to admit that this would be impressive to guests!

Living Spaces

There’s plenty of wall space in your living room, den and other living spaces. Make use of them by installing a bookcase or shelving system. There’s plenty of room for a rolling library ladder as well. And if there’s not, consider purchasing a vertical ladder for added space-saving capabilities. Choose a hook library ladder system if you plan to use the vertical space all around the room. This will allow you to pick up the ladder and hang it on the rails on the opposite side of the room.

The Larder

High shelves and nooks are excellent ways to make use of vertical space in your pantry. Why use a lousy step stool when you can implement a beautiful wooden rolling library ladder? This will enable you to reach higher up, which means more shelves for storage!

The Mudroom

Where do you hang hats, gloves and scarves when guests come over? The mudroom can be a great place to store more than just shoes and jackets. You can tuck these items away in baskets on upper shelves. Of course, a sliding library ladder can be used to reach them. This will better organize your mudroom so that it doesn’t look jumbled by the time half your guest list arrives.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular places to put a library ladder. This gives you a reason to install high cabinets above your cupboards. A rolling ladder can turn your kitchen into space-saving haven for all of your dishes, canned goods and food. You can even use it to place precious china sets far outside the reach of little hands!

The Butler’s Pantry

Does climbing on counter tops to reach soup sound familiar? These moments can become a thing of the past once you install a sliding ladder. Who said you need hired help to make use of your butler pantry? The functionality that rolling ladders provide is sufficient enough!

The Beach House

Vacation homes are meant for entertaining family and guests, so it can sometimes become a bit crowded. You can build a loft for your guests to sleep in, which can be accessed using a modern library ladder. This is the perfect solution for beach houses and vacation homes that have unused upper level space.

The Den

What are you going to do about all the books, CDs and DVDs you’ve collected over the past decade? If you’re not going to throw them out, you can tuck them away behind closed doors. Use the space above your fireplace, entertainment center or other part of the room for stylish cupboards. A library ladder can be customized to work around any obtrusions you have in your family room.

Implementing a sliding library ladder into your properties is a real winner. They are lavish, chic and totally functional!

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