A Lofty Solution to a Modern Problem


Living in the heart of the city comes with many perks. Unfortunately, a lot of the homes here are on the modest size. That’s the price a lot of people are willing to pay.

In a beautiful flat in the heart of New York City, a woman was having a problem. She was in the middle of redesigning her one bedroom apartment when she got the phone call. Her sister was coming to town soon and needed a place to stay. The flat was quite spacious, but only had one bedroom. There was large living area and even a bookcase with a wooden rolling library ladder.

However, her couch was hardly a place anyone would want to sleep. This wasn’t the first time she was faced with this problem. Off to the corner, there was a futon that she used for visiting guests. She was about ready to toss it out because it didn’t vibe well with the rest of her décor.

Gazing off at her sliding library ladder, a light bulb went off in her head. There were vaulted ceilings throughout the floor plan, making it the perfect scenario to build a loft. She immediately began taking measurements and calling up contractors to get estimates. Once everything was aligned, she started her favorite part of decorating – shopping.

The selection of rolling library ladders is extensive, but she eventually pinpointed the one she wanted. It was a stainless steel ladder. It matched perfectly with her industrial-style flat. She was going for a contemporary theme.

Chic Library Ladder Hardware

Once the loft was completed, she had the sliding library ladder installed by a professional. The end look was flawless. The loft was designed to fit two people and it overlooked her living room. She liked her sliding library ladder so much that she decided to purchase a second one for her library. When her sister finally arrived a few weeks later, she was delighted. The rest of her home wasn’t complete, but the rolling library ladders alone were enough to make a great impression.

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