Checklist for Buying a Rolling Library Ladder

Every home should have an abundance of storage space, but this isn’t always so. There are crafty ways you can create storage space just about anywhere in your home, such as the kitchen, study, bedroom or living room. Vertical space is one of the most untapped resources inside of a home. For one, you could build bookcases and shelving systems along your walls and then implement a sliding library ladder to reach them easier. If this sounds like a plausible idea, the next step would be to determine if a rolling library ladder is suitable for your home. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to do in preparation.

Library ladders are a beautiful addition to your home

Library ladders are a beautiful addition to your home

Assess the Area of Installation

You’ve selected the place you would like to install a sliding library ladder, but is it suitable? It’s important to assess the location to see if there’s adequate support for a rail. If there isn’t, this will have to be added. The purpose of the rail is to support itself, the ladder and anyone who climbs the ladder, so keep this in mind.

Make Sure Your Floor Surface is Level

It’s imperative that the surface of your floor be completely level. Some older model homes have a slope, which wouldn’t be ideal for a rolling library ladder. The best types of floors to have for a sliding ladder are wood, tile and any other hard-surface materials. Just check it for pronounced dimension variations that could potentially catch the ladder. Carpets also aren’t ideal for rolling ladders.

Check for Sufficient Clearance Space

The manufacturer of the rolling library ladder that you plan to install will have a minimum clearing space that’s required from the ceiling to the center of the track. This could be a 7-inch clearance or vary depending on the model and size.

Ensure You Meet the Weight Requirements

Not all ladders have the same load capacity. Check to see what the max weight is to ensure that it can handle it. This also goes for anyone else in your home or establishment that will be using the ladder.

This is a quick checklist you can use for determining whether a particular sliding library is right for your home, so keep it handy!

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