Design a Luxury Library for Your Home


Not everyone is into e-books and Kindles. Paperbacks and hardcovers still reign supreme for the old-fashioned. There’s nothing like snuggling in a cozy spot with an actual book. The smell of a brand new book can never be replaced by an LCD screen. To top it off, real books can be a great addition to your home’s décor. They can make for great conversation-starters and entertainment for your guests. Plus, they give you a reason to install shelves and implement a gorgeous modern library ladder. That alone makes physical books worthwhile!

Chic Library Ladder Hardware


There are a variety of ways you can implement a library and sliding library ladder into your home:

  • Install a wall of shelves in a space that has vaulted ceilings. The higher up it goes, the more impressive it will be. Don’t worry about the height – modern library ladders can be customized to your liking.
  • Create a wall of built-ins. Better yet, consider placing oversized built-in shelves on either side of your fireplace. That will make a grand statement to your visitors and guests. Who needs artwork?
  • Transform your hallways into a library. That’s if they are wide enough to accommodate free standing bookshelves. If so, place them from end to end to create a unique book display. You can call this area “study hall”.
  • Use the space beneath your staircase. This would make for an excellent place to put a cozy library. It may not accommodate a sliding library ladder, but you could put in a comfy bench.
  • Build a floating library. Sounds harder than it is – suspended and wall-mounted bookshelves can be easily installed. This can then be accessed using a modern library ladder.
  • Tun your closet into a library. If you have a closet in your home that you’re not using, install shelves and/or bookcases to create a book nook.
  • Create a cool urban library. If you live in a condo or loft with stairs, you can install shelves on the back wall of the stair landing.
  • Design floating shelves using a slat wall. This can be placed virtually anywhere. You can build this yourself or buy one that’s ready to assemble.

To really make your library luxurious, choose wooden shelves and bookcases that are made from red oak, white oak, cherry or bamboo.

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