Maximize Space with Over-the-Door Shelves


What do you do when you run out of creative ways to display and store your prized possessions? Just look up. We know how valuable vertical space can be, which is why many of us implement bookcases and shelving systems. We adore library ladders, so we find any excuse to use them. One more excuse you can add to your collection is over-the-door shelves. If you’re feeling like a DIYer, you can purchase a rolling library ladder kit after you’ve installed the shelves.

Most homes feature 8 ft ceilings and 6 ft 8 inch door ways. This leaves you with around 1 ft of space to store knick knacks, picture frames or anything else that can fit within those dimensions. It’s the perfect location for an overhead shelf, which can be easily accessed using a library ladder. We’ve seen single shelves being implemented for decorative vases, baskets and books. However, you can also integrate multiple shelves, if space allows.

rolling library ladder

This can act as an extension to an already-existing book case or shelving system. Just make sure you allow enough space in between shelves for the items you plan to store there. Most books require 10 inches of height to sit upright. Once you’ve determined the height, you can either purchase prefab floating shelves or have them customized by a carpenter.

There are different types of shelves to choose from – those with flat panels, molded edges or a decorative lip to keep items in their place. Make sure the shelves are suitable for the weight of the items you plan to store. You can use adhesive, dowels and wire to secure the shelves. Pay special attention to this if you live in an area that’s earthquake-prone.

Over-the-door shelves present a unique opportunity to implement more colors into a room. You can select accent colors or opt to have them blend in with the color of your walls. You can also implement the molding detail to offer a seamless appearance. Frame the shelf using molding that’s the same size or slimmer if you want to make it seem as though the shelf was always there. Then for a bit of a special effect, you can paint the shelves darker than the walls. This will make it appear deeper and the room larger.

A beautiful library ladder would be the perfect final touch for your new over-the-door shelves. Take a look around your home to see where you can integrate these unique storage spaces.

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