Need Room in Your Closet? Keep Reading!

(library ladders, DIY library ladder)

The closet is where we store some of our most treasured belongings. Unfortunately, this

space can also become a cluttered mess. This especially holds true for avid shoppers and

pack rats. Redesigning your closet with a few added features, such as a library ladder, could

make a world of difference. Keeping your things in order will make them easier to find and it’ll

help keep unwanted pests far and away. To give you some ideas on how you can organize

your closet, here are some DIY options.

Build a Shoe Rack

This can be quite useful if you have a plethora of shoes littering your closet floor (and possibly

underneath your bed). Gather all of your shoes together and place them neatly on the rack for

easier selection. With this, you won’t have to frantically look around the house for your

missing shoe!

Build Cubby Holes

You used them in elementary school and now you can put them to use as an adult. Building

cubby holes can be a great way to store additional items you may have in your closet that

don’t have a place. This includes purses, ties, shawls, scarves and the like. You could also

put shoes in them, if you ran out of space on your shoe rack. If the cubby holes are built tall,

consider installing a library ladder for better reach.

Adding a stainless library ladder to your closet helps maximize space

Adding a stainless library ladder to your closet helps maximize space

Install Shelves up to the Ceiling

You can create a wall of shelves for even more items that are out of place. For a really

cluttered closet, this will help to create more space for storage. This is the easiest of all the

projects listed, since it only consists of hanging shelves. How long it’ll take depends on how

many shelves you end up needing.

Build Your Own Library Ladder

DIY library ladders are available for purchase. They are cheaper than those that are already

assembled and they make for great additions for closet organization. If you decide to go with

tall shelves and cubby holes, you’re going to need a ladder to reach it. Sure, you could use a

step stool or mini-ladder, but that wouldn’t be as safe, stylish or as fun as a library ladder!

With these DIY projects, you can easily organize your closet to get rid of all the clutter!

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