“Show and Tell” Library Ladders


Sometimes, beauty alone is a good enough reason to buy something. That’s why many of us are willing to purchase paintings, vases and other artwork. The same holds true for modern library ladders. These are masterpieces in their own right, and have made their way into the rooms of many lavish homes and businesses. Rolling library ladders add an air of sophistication and allure to any space they’re applied to. This is why so many property owners consider them a must-have. They offer the best of both worlds – functionality and appeal.

An Italian Affair

For an Italian restaurant owner named Sebastian, modern library ladders are a piece of art. You can find them throughout his eatery – in the kitchen, wine room, dining room and cellar. He admits that he even has a few that are never used. They have simply become a part of the restaurant’s décor. The traditional wooden rolling ladders are his favorite. In the wine room, his employees gloat about how the library ladders makes their jobs easier. Before they were implemented, getting access to difficult spots was difficult, and sometimes dangerous.

A Contemporary Family Home

In a suburb not too far from the city, there’s a family that enjoys the finer things in life. Inside of their posh home, you will find a room dedicated to beautiful art. Paintings, sculptures and woodwork are placed meticulously about the room. It’s no surprise that there is a grand library as well. In this room, books line all four walls and reach as high as the ceiling. There are three beautifully customized rolling library ladders that sit on a railing system that wraps around the room. The owner admits that no one reads any of the books in the library. It’s more of a collection for show. Guests are definitely impressed by the setup and sometimes enjoy a chapter or two by the fireplace.

Cabin Fever in the City

Rustic décor is a common theme in homes today. One couple caught the cabin fever and decided to design their modern flat with rustic décor. After implementing bamboo floors, walls and wooden decorations, they decided that a modern library ladder would add the perfect final touch. It sits on the wall of their living room, which features a bookcase and shelves that reach to the ceiling. Space-saving is a big deal for them, which is why they opted for a ladder that can stand completely vertical. This functional design spurs conversations with guests every time.

A Luxury Kitchen Design

For a lot of people, the kitchen is a place for entertaining guests. In one modern home, there is a luxury kitchen. It is a spacious haven with a counter, stools and large table. There’s even a bar with a mini-fridge. When asked what part of the kitchen was his favorite, the owner pointed out the gorgeous stainless steel rolling library ladder that stood near the oven. It was attached to a rail that lined the entire wall. It was designed in a way that enabled it to get around the kitchen’s obtrusions. It was a delightful addition to the kitchen’s décor and really brought out the stainless steel appliances.

rolling library ladder in kitchen

These are prime examples of how far library ladders have come over the past century. No longer are they purchased simply for what they can do. Today, they are treated as extravagant pieces of furniture. They can be and are implemented into all sorts of properties – commercial and residential. They have made their way into all areas of the home, including bedrooms, offices and dens. There’s a place for them just about anywhere. Are you planning to buy one to make your property more alluring?

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