10 Ideas to Give Your Home Office Startup Cool

We have all seen them on television. A few of us, especially the ones that carry their Macbook Pros like samurai swords lashed to their hip, have worked at them. The shiny new Startup tech company that is the brainchild of the next billion-dollar app or social media platform. Whether they succeed or fail, the one thing Tech Startups almost always have in common is just how darn cool their offices are.

When most Americans go into work they will never know the joys of having a pool table instead of a conference table, or an employee lounge replete with bean bag chairs and a smoothie bar. The best most of us can hope for is a pink stress ball and a Hang In There Baby coffee mug. But there is still hope.

If you are one of the 13 million Americans (according the the U.S. Census) that works from home, then you have a chance of giving your home office that startup office feel. With none of the rounds of venture capital funding.

Here are 10 easy ideas to turn your home office into the coolest office on the block.

1. Paper Lanterns

Whether you call them paper lanterns, China balls, Chinese Paper Lanterns or ‘those round things I had in my college dorm’ they are a great way to light up a room and give an office an unconventional feel.


2. Standing Desks

Standing desks have become all the rage these days. Standing instead of sitting burns more calories and is better for your posture.



3. Mini-Fridge

Most startups feature a wide selection of beer, energy drinks and sodas freely available to employees. Take this idea and downscale it. Rig your home office with mini-fridge, and stock it with Red Bull for the Mondays and craft beer for the Fridays.



4. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs never get old and they never seem to die.

bean bag chairs


5. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors and sliding door hardware is probably one of the hottest trends in hardware today. They have been featured in hundreds of offices across America. You may have one in your home already.

Sliding Door Hardware

6. Wall of Monitors

Multiple monitors are extremely useful if you are a tech professional. You can better organize your desktop and quickly glance between multiple applications at once. Bonus: if your wife walks in and asks, What are you doing? You can simply mutter, Defending the citizens of Gotham.



7. Add a Library and a Library Ladder

There is something retro and inherently cool in a large library. Sure, you could get all 300 books on an iPad but it still doesn’t feel as satisfying as a book in your hand. Mix the retro vibe with a modern one by adding a stainless steel library ladder.



Don’t have a lot of space? There are also telescoping and hook ladders that can be folded flat when not in use. (Psst, we can help.)

8. Funky Sofa

Entertain clients or just need somewhere your cat can nap that isn’t your lap? Get a funky sofa.



9. Build Your Own Bar

Pick your poison and build your own bar. This can be easily accomplished with glass table, a decanter filled with your favorite beverage, a couple of rocks glasses and an ice bucket.



More Tony Horton and Less Don Draper? Make it a juice bar by swapping the decanter for a personal juicer and a basket filled with fresh fruits and greens.



10. Vintage Arcade Machine

The ultimate in stress relief. Vintage arcade machines come in a variety of styles and games. Call it your personal 80/20 time.

You spend 80% of the time working, 20% playing Street Fighter II.



What have you added to your home office to give it a unique, startup vibe? Tell us in the comments section or jump into the discussion on our Facebook page.

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