How to Elevate the Perceived Value of Your Home

All I ever needed to know about marketing and creating value I learned from watching “Bar Rescue”. Between the yelling, and screaming, and theatrics Jon Taffer offers concrete advice that every homeowner can use. One of those is the concept of increasing perceived value.

If you have watched enough “Bar Rescue” (oh, and I have), you know that one of the tricks Taffer loves to employ to makeover the neighborhood dive is to update the bar chairs or add better lighting. Jon smirks, wags his finger, and declares in his East Coast timbre, “That’s perceived value. It has been proven that a customer will pay $5 more for a drink if the bar stools are covered in hand rendered Mongolian polyester!”

Okay, maybe it isn’t Mongolian polyester. The larger point is that homeowners (and condo owners) can use the concept of perceived value to increase the real value of their home. There are dozens of ways to use the concept of perceived value, today we are going to hit 5.

1. Less is More

Want to add perceived value to your home? Take something away. Less is truly more in the 21st Century where wide open space is almost a commodity. Want to add perceived value to your home? Adopt a minimalist style.

Minimalist Design


2. Lighten Things Up

Light creates space, space creates the perception of value. There are multiple ways to lighten up a room or an entire house.


Change the Curtains


Add Accent Lights



Freshen Up the Walls with a Lighter Color of Paint

3. Centerpiece Art

Art work focuses attention and captures the imagination.



4. Add Something Custom

Custom hardware equals perceived (and sometimes real) value.


All of our library ladders are custom made to order.

5. Sparse Use of Antiques

Don’t over due it, but the limited use of antiques and vintages items can also add a feeling of home filled with treasured items.



How do you create a perception of value in your home? Tells us on our Facebook page.

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