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The American Dream. Work hard, play by the rules, and some day, some way, you will get to build something great for yourself.

The American Dream lies at the heart of the story of Specialty Doors & Hardware and its founder, Tom Gross. When Tom Gross was laid off from his job in 1996, he was faced with a choice: find another job or take a chance. Create a company that embodied his drive, determination, experience and dedication to awesome customer experiences. The choice was a difficult but obvious one.

In 1996, Specialty Doors was born.

Today Specialty Doors – comprised of SpecialtyDoors.com, Accordion-Doors.com and ModernStainlessLadders.com – grosses $5 million dollars a year. Modernstainlessladders.com has achieved this success because of one simple virtue: we live to serve our customers. Our customers, many of whom return year after year to buy new library ladders for their homes or building projects, know that they can depend on us for the finest customer service available.

We are a small company made up of 10 very dedicated individuals. Every one of our employees has helped build Modernstainlessladders.com into an extremely successful company that provides quality library ladders and hardware for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

At ModernStainlessLadders.com, we aim to provide the highest quality library ladders and rolling library ladder kits at competitive rates. German artisans handcraft every ladder we sell, and we back every library ladder with veteran customer service. To learn more about Modern Stainless Ladders, or to have any of your ladder questions answered give us a call at 866-815-8151 today!

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