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Whether you’re looking for a rolling library ladder kit or a closet ladder system, we’ve got the ladders you need. Browse our manufacturer’s catalog for ladder placement ideas as well as design specifics and model details. MWE provides only the highest of quality stainless steel ladders produced by some of the best and most skilled artisans in Germany. Only in the hands of such specialized craftsmen could stainless steel attain its exclusive aura and accomplish its transformation from a merely functional element to an architectural highlight.

Types of ladders we provide include:


Sliding Library Ladders

Conventional sliding ladder systems are easy to use as well as move and can be swung up and slid easily along the top rail and placed down in any position.

Rolling Library Ladders

Rolling ladders slide along a bottom roller allowing easy rolling without lifting. Complete with an autostop function, a stopping device is activated by simply stepping onto the ladder which helps prevent unintentional movement while in use.

Hook Ladders

Hook ladders can be unhinged from a top track and moved when not in use, or can be positioned parallel to the wall or shelf in order to save space.

Telescopic Ladders

A telescopic ladder can be pushed together and place parallel to the shelf or wall in order to provide a strong presence without being too obtrusive. The top part of a telescopic ladder can be pulled in and out, allowing for the ladder to be compressed.

Positionable Ladders

Positionable ladders are the most flexible library ladders. This ladder model needs no rail or track and can simply be leaned against your shelf or wall. The setting allows for easy climbing and a special coating both protects the ladder from scratches and prevents unintentional movement.

Vario Carriages

Vario carriages have pivot hinges mounted at the top of the ladder bars which allows easy movement around tricky corners.

Please browse our manufacturer’s catalog, the rest of our website and if you have questions or you need a boost up in this world, give us a call at 866-815-8151 for fast, friendly and knowledgeable service today.

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