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Who Makes Your Library Ladders?

The library ladders sold by ModernStainlessLadders.com are sold by MWE. MWE has achieved world renown as the preeminent manufacturer of stainless steel library ladders and hardware.

We are the Number 1 seller of MWE library ladders in the United States.

I am a Contractor / Architect / Tradesman and I need to Customize an Order, Can You Help?

Yes. We specialize in working with contractors, tradesmen, designers and architects. Virtually every ladder order is customized in some fashion.

We have assisted hundreds of professionals in customizing a rolling library ladder to fit certain design specifications.

We also provide a trade discount on all orders.

Does ModernStainlessLadders.com Provide Installation and Technical Support?

Yes. For technical or installation help please call:

(866) 815-8151, Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm, or any time via our Contact Us page.

How Are ModernStainlessLadders.com’s Ladders Shipped?

Every library ladder we sell is made in Germany by MWE. Ladders are customized according to design specifications and drawing, crated, and then shipped via Air Freight to their final destination.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Library Ladder?

Every ladder order is custom made and crated. Lead times vary from order to order, depending on the level of customization required. After placing an order, you will receive a shipping confirmation email when your order has shipped.

To check on the status of an order, please call (866) 815-8151

Do ModernStainlessLadders.com’s Library Ladders Come with Mounting Hardware?

Yes. All of our library ladders come with the necessary mounting hardware.

My Order Was Missing Parts, What Should I Do Now?

Call our office directly at (866) 815-8151 for replacement of missing or defective parts.


What is the Best Way to Clean a Stainless Steel library ladder?

In most cases, warm water and a scratch-free cloth (e.g. micro-fiber) is the best method of cleaning your library ladder. A gentle dish detergent mixed with warm water can also be used to clean your ladder.

Should I Polish My Ladder?

Stainless steel polish can be used to polish and maintain your library ladder. Consult your installer / contractor for more information, or call our ladder experts, (866) 815-8151

Do I Need to Re-Tighten Mounting Hardware?

You should inspect and re-tighten your library ladder hardware at regular intervals (every 1 to 3 months). Please ask your contractor or installer for a specific service schedule.

Never over-tighten screws, or disassemble ladder hardware without professional advice.

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