Hook Library Ladders

Hook library ladders are a twist on the traditional library ladder. Instead of rollers, hook ladders are attached to railings using hooks. Hook library ladders means that a ladder can be easily moved from one railing to another railing with ease. Hook in library ladders offer a striking design and appearance, and the sturdy reliability you come to expect from an MWE ladder.

Where should this type of ladder be used? Any room that features shelving at multiple levels or where you need to physically move a ladder from one location to the next. Picture a high built-in bookcase that spans the length of a wall; the bookcase wall is separate by a single doorway. The rail of a classic library ladder would block the doorway, creating an eyesore and   a safety hazard. A hook library, on the other hand, can be easily repositioned from one section of the bookcase to another by simply detaching the ladder from one section of rail and reattaching the ladder to a matching section of rail.

A hook library ladder is a great choice when you need maximum mobility combined with simplicity and elegance.

SL.6001.AK Hook Library Ladder (Formerly Akzent SL.6005.AK)

MWE’s newly developed hook-in ladder SL.6001.AK is characterized by its exceptional design which for the first time features a striking square profile. The stainless steel stairs caress your soles while at the same time guaranteeing a completely safe ascent and descent. Click here for more information about the SL.6001.AK

SL.6001.KL Hook Library Ladder (Formerly SL.6005.KL Klassik)

The SL.6001.KL Hook Library Ladder features the same hook and rail design as the SL.6001.AK, but with a rounded profile. A great option for both residential and commercial designs. Click here for more information the SL.6001.KL.


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The SL.6001.AK and SL.6001.KL are shipped via Air Freight directly to your address. We offer free delivery on most library ladder products. Call for more information.


Library ladder installation is relatively simple and easy. We also provide telephone support for all of our library ladders, including help with ladder installation questions. Our team is standing by to help you.

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