SL.6001.AK Hook Library Ladder

The SL.6001.AK Hook Library Ladder is the sleek, subtle yet powerfully versatile choice if you want a library ladder. The SL.6001.AK features a classic hook and rail design, which means the SL.6001.AK Akzent can be positioned on one length of rail, and then un-hooked, moved and re-positioned on another section of rail.

Why is this important? The SL.6001.AK can be used in multiple locations and at multiple height. That makes the Akzent the perfect solutions for rooms that need a versatile library ladder solution but cannot accommodate a more complicated curved rail system.

Easy Storage, Multiple Uses

The SL.6001.AK can be easily stowed. Many designers choose to install a small stainless rail in a small, unnoticed section of a

SL.6001.AKHook Library Ladder

SL.6001.AKHook Library Ladder

room, so that the Akzent Hook Library can be stowed and folded away. This gives the SL.6001.AK the ability to be a subtle accent point of any room while still being a useful and versatile tool when needed.

The Sl.6001.AK is used widely for various applications and installations. It is quite common to find an Akzent Hook Ladder in a private wine cellar, office, or living room. The SL.6001.AK is also widely specified for high end retail and fine dining establishments.

The SL.6001.AK features a stainless steel, square profile, padded rails and felt covered stabilizing feet, and stainless steel rail and rail mounts.

Customizing an Akzent Hook Library Ladder

The staff at has more than 20 years of experience in hardware, design and installation. We have helped hundreds of contractors, architects and designers customize the Akzent Hook Library Ladder for the needs of their project.

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