Library Ladders w/ Auto Stop Function

Library ladders that comes equipped with an Auto Stop function and look exactly like there more traditional stainless steel ladder counterparts. Auto Stop simply adds an extra layer of safety and maneuverability to the equation.

SL.6002.AK (Formerly Known as the SL.6090 Quattro)

MWE’s rolling ladder SL.6002.AK is a prime example of easy handling. In addition to the guiding rollers at the top, another roller at the bottom of each stringer makes this ladder particularly easy to move around. An innovative stopping device, which is activated by stepping onto the ladder, keeps the ladder from unintentional moving while in use. This Auto Stop function makes MWE’s SL.6002.AK one of the safest library ladders in our inventory. For more information about the SL.6002.AK, click here.

SL.6002.KL (Formerly Known as the SL.6020 Klassik, SL.6010 Metro, and the SL.6090 Quattro) 

The SL.6002.KL Classic Rolling Ladder is the rounded profile companion to the SL.6002.AK. The SL.6002.KL can also be customized with auto-stop and auto-braking castors to prevent unintentional movement or accident. For more information about the SL.6002.KL, click here.


Auto-Stop and auto-braking casters can be added to several library ladder models. Call (866) 815-8151 for custom pricing. Trade discounts are available. Designers, architects, and contractors welcome!


Free shipping on most library ladder orders. All ladders ship Air Freight from Germany.

Customer Support is the Number 1 supplier of stainless steel library ladders in the United States. We have accomplished that fête because all of our customers — from designer and architects to contractors and homeowners — know they can depend on us for total service and support. We are standing by to help you before, during and after you order a library ladder. That is why we are Number 1.



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