SL.6000.KL Positionable Library Ladder

The SL.6000.KL Positionable Library Ladder was designed to reflect two design principles: elegance and simplicity. The Klassik was designed to function like a simple ladder while retaining the style of a classic stainless steel library ladder. The SL.6000.KL can accommodate multiple types of shelving and storage options, can be quickly repositioned and moved, and can be stored either flat against a shelf or leaned against a wall.

What makes the S.6000.KL the fast, easy choice for designers and architects is its rail design. The Klassik SL.6000.KL does not have a rail. Instead it simply leans onto a shelving unit or wall. The Klassik is flexible enough to be used virtually anywhere – whether that is a living room, den, kitchen, an office environment or a commercial space like a retail store.

Why Choose a Positionable Library Ladder?

When you need a fast installation. When you want the look and feel of a library ladder, but do not want a rail system. When

SL.6000.KL Positionable LibraryLadder

SL.6000.KL Positionable LibraryLadder

you want the freedom to position and re-position a ladder wherever you want in a room. When your design spec calls for a rail-less library ladder design. These are just some of the reasons customers choose the S.6000.KL Klassik Positionable Library Ladder.

The Klassik features felt backing on the stringers prevents damage to furniture, shelving, and walls. This specialized backing also prevents slipping and unwanted movement. Rubber pivot feet ensure constant contact with the floor.

The stainless steel design, modern lines and rounded profile make the SL.6000.KL the ideal solution to any number of projects.

Custom Options has helped hundreds of architects and contractors customize the SL.6000.KL to fit design specs. Please call (866) 815-8151 to have your ladder customized to spec.

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All ladders made in Germany, shipped Air Freight.

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