SL.6000.AK Positionable Library LadderSL.6000.AK Positionable Library Ladder

SL.6000.AK Akzent Leaning Ladder

The SL.6000.AK Positionable Library Ladder is deceptively simple and simply beautiful. The SL.6000.AK Akzent Library Ladder can be positioned at various height (by using its adjustable base) and can be placed virtually anywhere in a room. Need the Akzent to access storage or shelving in another part of the room? Simply move and reposition the Akzent Ladder as needed.

The SL.6000.AK features a completely rail-less design. Traditional library ladders attach and are held in place by a rail and roller, or a rail and hook,. The Akzent askews that tradition and goes back to basics. Simply lean the Akzent Library Ladder onto a wall or appropriate shelving. When not in use the SL.6000.AK can simply be leaned against a wall for quick and easy storage.


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