SL.6000.KL Klassik Leaning Ladder

The SL.6000.KL Positionable Library Ladder was designed to reflect two design principles: elegance and simplicity. The Klassik was designed to function like a simple ladder while retaining the style of a classic stainless steel library ladder. The SL.6000.KL can accommodate multiple types of shelving and storage options, can be quickly repositioned and moved, and can be stored either flat against a shelf or leaned against a wall.

What makes the S.6000.KL the fast, easy choice for designers and architects is its rail design. The Klassik SL.6000.KL does not have a rail. Instead it simply leans onto a shelving unit or wall. The Klassik is flexible enough to be used virtually anywhere – whether that is a living room, den, kitchen, an office environment or a commercial space like a retail store.


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