SL.6003.AK Akzent Sliding Telescoping Ladder

The SL.6006.AK Tangens Rolling Ladder quite literally represents the pinnacle of modern library ladder design and engineering. The top of the SL.60006.AK library ladder can extend to a maximum height of 31.5 inches. This allows designers, architects and contractors to envision much higher storage solutions that are also easily accessed.

The SL.6006.AK Tangens Rolling Ladder is an evocative representation that harkens back to the glass tower and the skyscraper. A simple, angular designer allows its owner to reach higher and higher while maintaining a sleek, contemporary profile.

The SL.6006.AK Tangens is adjustable and easily customizable. Customization options include a choice in rungs/steps, stainless steel safety railings, and auto-braking casters. The SL.6006.AK features a square profile and is manufactured in Germany with the highest quality stainless steel.


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