SL.6004.KL Vario Library LadderSL.6004.KL Vario Library Ladder

SL.6004.KL Vario Library Ladder

The SL.6004.KL Vario Library Ladder is the pinnacle of design and ingenuity. The SL.6004.KL functions much like a traditional sliding library ladder: it glides along a length of rail from shelf to shelf. However, what makes the Vario SL.6004.KL unique is its ability to turn and navigate corners. The Vario SL.6004.KL features a unique curved track design and pivoting heads that allow a ladder to turn tight radiuses with ease.

The Vario Library Ladder is designed, manufactured and tested in Germany. It is not hard to see a German sports car inspiration behind the SL.6004.KL. Like a high performance motorcar on the Nurburgring, the SL.6004.KL can turn a curved as tight as 13.75 inches in the blink of an eye and keep going.

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