SL.6006.AK Akzent Tangens Sliding Ladder

The SL.6003.AK Telescoping Library Ladder offers the beauty and style of a sliding stainless steel library ladder coupled with the easy, out of the way storage. The SL.6003.AK’s unique design features a telescoping mechanism at the top of the ladder which telescopes out, allowing for easy access to high shelving and storage. Then the SL.6003.AK can be folded back and stored flat against a wall, shelf, or cabinet when not in use.

The SL.6003.AK is crafted, designed and machined in Germany by craftsmen who have devoted their lives to the art of making library ladders that also stand as works of art. Every mechanism – from the telescoping rods and high speed MWE wheels to the angular feet – is designed to function like finely tuned machine and look beautiful doing it.


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