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When it comes to accessing out of reach places, an old, worn wood ladder isn’t the only solution. There’s more than one option. Designers, artisans and artists have collaborated to bring to market quality library ladders that are durable, functional, minimalistic, and beautiful. And they’re made of metal. Today, you’ll find them crafted in materials like stainless and carbon steel.

When you’re looking for a library ladder, the choices can seem endless. With so many options out there, how do you know where to start? Well, Modern Stainless Ladders is here to help. We’re home to a variety of sturdy and safe ways up high shelves or deep closets. From the German-made finesse of MWE to the fusion of old & new that is Agave ladders; from rolling to leaning… quality (and safe in all areas) library ladders are found in every corner you turn here.

Stumped looking for a ladder? Our customer service personnel live & breathe interior design, so their assistance will help you make the right choice from the get-go.

To get you started, we will take a look at different types of quality library ladders. You’ll discover the secret world of custom quality ladders that stand on their own like original works of art. Best of all: you can narrow your search down.

1. The most popular style is the rolling ladder or sliding ladder, which has wheels so it can be moved around your library or home easily.

Library ladders can be used not just for libraries. They also function as a tool to browse areas like wine cellars, kitchens, closets, high cabinets, and other areas that are normally above reach.

For these purposes, high-quality rolling ladders provide smooth, quiet motion, and the ultimate in safety. They can be specified either with top rollers only, or with both top and bottom rollers — even better for convenient browsing.

Rolling ladders are ideal for when there’s only one location you need to browse with the ladder.

2. A hook ladder can also be used as an alternative to shelves for storing items on the wall. 

Hook ladders are recommended when you have railings throughout a room. They’re both strong and highly portable. Whenever you want to reach a certain area, you can lift them from one rail, walk over to the other rail, and hook it there.

3. You could even use a leaning ladder if you have limited floor space or want something that doesn’t take up much room at all.

These ladders are ideal for large spaces, and they also further add character and personality to your wall decorations.

High-quality Steel Library Ladders are a great way to create more storage in any space. They are a sleek, stylish option that goes well with any room.


– MWE library ladders come in standard or custom sizes and design options — they offer both rolling and leaning designs to suit your needs. Made in Germany, these ladders are works of extraordinary finesse, custom-built with uncompromoising precision and artisty. They will dazzle anyone who sees them.

– Agave Carbon Steel Library Ladders combine old & new styles for quality you can find anywhere.


Between rolling, sliding and leaning, we can find you a ladder from these manufacturers for almost any space. To make it easier to place a custom order, follow these tips first:

1. Find a space that is the right size

2. Measure the height of your desired library ladder

3. Consider where you want to place it in relation to furniture and other items in the room

Then call us at (866) 815-8151 or email us, and we’ll help you with the rest of the steps:

4. Look for ladders with different styles, colors, and heights

5. Decide which kind of ladder will work best for you

Ready? Don’t wait. Contact us today.

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