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Who Needs Stairs? Library Ladders in Modern Design

Stairs are the answer to different levels of a building. They connect the floors of the home or business, and while they can look nice, they ultimately serve a purpose. There are some areas, of course, where you might be able to get rid of those simple, space-hogging stairs and... 

The DIY Library Ladder

The library ladder is one of the coolest ways that you can optimize your space in both the home and work environment. Nothing beats the style and space saving efficiency of a library ladder. Just imagine being able to fully utilize the vertical space in either your home or workplace.... 

3 Must Have Tools for Your Home

Ladders – Ladders are a handy tool for any type of home. Whether you need to reach a high cabinet or clean the gutters, a ladder will always be needed in the home. Screwdrivers – If you plan on building or repairing anything in your home, you’ll need to purchase... 

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