Telescoping Library Ladders

Telescoping library ladders offer yet another solution for the problem of accessing high shelves safely. The telescoping sliding library ladders we stock are designed for safety and beauty.

SL.6003.AK Telescoping Library Ladder (Formerly the Akzent SL.6065.AK)

Due to the innovative telescope technology, the MWE SL.6003.AK Telescoping Library Ladder can always be positioned in a perfectly safe 10 degree angle to the shelf. When not in use, this ladder can be positioned in a completely vertical position next to a shelf or a wall, never becoming an obstacle, even in floorplans with narrow aisles or directly opposing shelves. The adaptable rubber pads in each stringer always guarantee a safe stand at any angle. Click here for more information about the SL.6003.AK.

SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder (Formerly the SL.6060.KL)

The SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder is the rounded profile version of the SL.6003.AK. It features the same space saving telescoping mechanism that allows access to shelving and for vertical storage against a shelf, cabinet, or wall. Click here for more information about the SL.6003.KL.


Pricing varies depending on accessories, design specifications and the level customization needed for a specific ladder. Please call today at (866) 815-8151 for a quote. Or you can send design specs and project information via our Contact Us page. Our ladder experts respond quickly!

Trade discounts available.


Telescoping library ladders ship via Air Freight from Germany. Once your order has been fulfilled and crated for shipment you will receive an email tracking number. We provide free shipping on most library ladder orders.

Service and Support

Whether you need help installing a telescoping library ladder, or need help customizing a stainless steel library ladder to a challenging specification, our hardware experts can help. We have over twenty years in the hardware and library ladder industry. We have helped hundreds of designer and contractors with challenging installs. That kind of service is what makes us the Number 1 retailer of library ladders in the United States.

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