SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder

The SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder offers the convenience, design features and look as a modern sliding or rolling ladder, but features unique telescoping technology that allows it to be stored vertically when not in us. The top of the SL.6003.KL features patented telescoping technology that enable this ladder to extend out at virtually an angle, then collapsed flat against a wall or shelf when not in use.

The bottom of the SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder features moveable feet that can automatically change to nearly any angle. This guarantees that a SL.6003.KL will remain safely in place during operation. Auto-braking casters are also available as an accessory.

Why Use a Telescoping Library Ladder?

Telescoping library ladders are frequently specified by architects and designers for tight confined spaces. A vertical space that features high shelving or storage but lacks the floor space for a traditional sliding ladder. Bars and wine cellars are great examples. The look, feel and utility of a library ladder is a great addition to a bar, however, a traditional sliding library ladder may pose a trip risk.

SL-6003-KL Telescoping Library Ladder

SL-6003-KL Telescoping Library Ladder

Enter the Telescoping Library Ladder.

A telescoping ladder allows a bartender to access a pricey call brand of liquor on the very top shelf of a bar, and then safely fold that ladder back to a stowed position, out of the way of his fellow servers and bartenders.

The SL.6003.KL Telescoping Library Ladder has numerous commercial and residential uses. It has been featured widely in high end restaurants, designer retail stores, and office buildings. The SL.6003.KL offers a sleek rounded profile, timeless stainless steel design, and features found in all of our library ladders such as felt padded stabilizing feet and rail-mounted stops.

Custom Fit and Finish

At nearly every library ladder order we receive needs to be customized to a certain specification. Customization is what we do. For over 20 years, we have assisted architects, designers and contractors who have difficult or unusual ladder specifications.

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