Vario Library Ladder System

The  Vario sliding ladder system sets new standards for flexibility and usability. The Vario Library Ladder system is designed to reach difficult and hard to navigate places. Adding a dash of true innovation, the German craftsman at MWE have designed the Vario sliding library ladder system so it can easily navigate around corners. You can now have 360 degree access to shelving and bookcases.

The Vario library ladder is engineered with two rollers that adapt to any radius of the stainless steel runner rail. This engineering fete allows for the quickest possible movement to any shelf.  The Vario library ladder system represents the pinnacle of form, style and design in one complete package.

SL.6004.KL Vario Library Ladder (Formerly the SL. 6080 Vario)

The Vario SL.6004.KL features a rounded, stainless steel profile and a sleek design that allows it to access virtual any type of wrap-a-round or wall-to-wall storage. Perfect for closets and large private libraries. Fully customizable. Click here for more information on the SL.6004.KL Vario Library Ladder.

SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder (Formerly the SL.6080 Vario)

The Vario SL.6004.AK Vario features a squared stainless steel profile. Like the SL.6004.KL, it features a unique curved rail and swivel head design that allows it to turn a tight 20 inch radius. A great option for dens, large walk-in closets and any room that has wrap-a-round shelving and high storage options. Click here for more information on the SL.6004.AK Vario Ladder.

SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder (Formerly the SL.6085 Vario)

The SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder combines the flexibility of a curved railed sliding library ladder with the convenient storage of a telescoping rolling ladder. The SL.6005.KL features a rounded profile that can be easily folded and stored upright when not in use. Great option for room that have wall to wall storage and tight spaces. Click here for more information on the SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder.

SL.6005.AK Vario  Telescoping Library Ladder (Formerly the SL.6085 Vario) 

The SL.6005.AK is the square profile version of the the SL.6005.KL. You get the same great basics — a curved rail system to navigate around tight corners and a telescoping mechanism to store a ladder up right and out of the way — in a traditional stainless steel square profile. Click here for more information on the SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder.


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