SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder

The SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder features a unique curved rail design that allows this ladder to easily navigate corners, allowing it to wrap an entire room if desired, and providing easy access to multiple shelving and types of storage. When it comes to sliding ladders, the Vario SL.6004.AK is the high performance sports car that leaves the competition in the dust.

High Speed Curves

The SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder can accommodate a turning radius of 20 inches (minimum). It is designed and

SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder

SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder

manufactured to corner and stop on a dime, much like a German Sports Car, while providing maximum access to shelving and storage.

The Vario Library Ladder is perfect for the designer who wants to add the final touch to a luxury walk-in closet or large private library / den. The Vario Library Ladder system is also widely used in commercial spaces, and is a favorite choice for high end retail and dining establishments.

The SL.6004.AK Vario Library Ladder features a squared profile, is manufactured from high quality German stainless steel, and comes with a range of accessory options including stainless steel safety rails and optional wood steps/rungs.


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