SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder

The SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder offers the sleek maneuverability one can only get from a Vario Library Ladder and the easy stowage of a telescoping library ladders. The SL.6005.AK features the same curved rail design found in other Vario models combined with telescoping stringers that allow the SL.6005.AK to fold away when not in use.

The Vario SL.6005.AK is the perfect ladder for spaces with all to wall storage but that still need a ladder that can be stored upright when not in use.

The Library Ladder Transformer

What makes the SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder unique is its ability to move and transform. Need to access

SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder

SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping Library Ladder

high shelving in one corner of a luxury walk-in closet? Simply slide the SL.6005.AK down the rail and around the corner. High-performance pivoting heads keep the ladder on the rail as it slickly turns the corner of a stainless steel rail.

Need to store the SL.6005.AK to get it out of the way? Simply collapse the telescoping stringers in and fold it flat against a wall. It is a beautiful and simple solution to any number of demanding designs.

The SL.6005.AK is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and features a square profile. The SL.6005.AK can also be equipped with several optional accessories like wood steps and stainless steel safety rails.


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We have helped hundreds of architects, designers and contractors with complicated library ladder specifications. Together, our staff has more than 20 years of experience in the hardware industry and we can help you fit a library ladder to your plans. Customer service is what makes us Number 1.

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