SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder

The SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder is the best of both worlds. It is a library ladder system that can easily and quickly turn corners using pivoting wheels and a unique curved rail system. The SL.6005.KL Vario is also a telescoping library ladder that has extended, telescoping stringers that can be folded back in, allowing the SL.6005.KL Vario to store easily against a wall, shelving unit, or cabinet.

The SL.6005.KL is flexible and versatile in every sense.

Curved Rail, Telescoping Technology

The SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder features the patented Vario curved rail design. That means the

SL.6005.KL Telescoping Vario Library Ladder

SL.6005.KL Telescoping Vario Library Ladder

SL.6005.KL can swing around tight corners and access any part of a room. Designing a luxury walk-n closet with high shelving and storage options and want to provide total access? The Vario SL.6005.KL is the perfect option.

The telescoping stringers on the SL.6005.KL make it even better, especially for constricted areas like closets and wine cellars. When not in use, the Vario SL.6005.KL can simply be folded inward and stowed flat against a wall.

The SL.6005.KL features a rounded, stainless steel profile and comes with all the expected accoutrements. High-performance pivoting wheels and telescoping stringers, curved and straight rails, rail mounted stops and felt-padded stabilizing feet.

The Vario SL.6005.KL is also customizable with several accessories including auto-braking casters and optional wood rungs / steps.


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We have over 20 years of experience in the hardware industry. We are also the Number 1 seller of stainless steel library ladders in the United States. Why? Service. We have helped hundreds of designers and architects with complex ladder specifications. We are here to help you too!

Ladders are manufactured in Germany, shipped Air Freight.

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